Hvad er CSR – Implikationer og CSR i et kritisk perspektiv

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategic Implications  We describe a variety of perspectives on corporate social responsibility (CSR), which we use to develop a framework for consideration of the strategic implications of CSR. Based on this framework, we propose an agenda for additional theoretical and empirical research on CSR. We then review the papers in this special issue and relate them to the proposed agenda. Fra Onlinelibrary.wiley.com. 
  • Organizational Stages and Cultural Phases: A Critical Review and a Consolidative Model of Corporate Social Responsibility Development Based on a stakeholder-oriented conceptualization of corporate social responsibility (CSR), this paper offers a multi-dimensional, dynamic perspective which integrates moral, cultural and strategic aspects of the CSR development process, together with its organizational implications. Therefore, the authors link existing stage models of CSR development with stakeholder culture and social responsiveness continuums and provide a consolidative model which highlights a seven-stage development process towards CSR, articulated around three cultural phases (i.e.CSR reluctance, CSR grasp and CSR embedment). Fra Onlinelibrary.wiley.com.
  • Why Aren’t We Stressing Stakeholder Responsibility? The starting point for much of the CSR debate (as captured by the very term “corporate social responsibility”) is the assumption that firms have a responsibility to pursue goals other than profit maximization. But where does the motivation for a firm’s behavior come from? Who is really responsible for the behavior we see? In Harvard Business Review.